And for something novel, maybe you'd like a custom, handmade baseball glove?  I can do that.  Just make sure you're not in a rush.  ;-)

Compass Repair:

  • GLC repairs every compass make and model world wide --> Ritchie, Danforth, Kelvin-White, Aqua-Meter, Suunto, Silva, Plastimo, C Plath, Sestrel.
  • Crazed/cracked domes and leaking/bubbles need immediate attention.
  • Not all compasses are worth repairing; best to call ahead to discuss to avoid needless shipping.  Some smaller compasses are better replaced.
  • All estimates and advice are free.

Leather Wheel Covers:

  • hand stitched

  • chrome tan split leather
  • centerline marked by "turks head" knot

Great Lakes Compass

Adjusting & Repair

Since 1985

providing navigation expertise to Midwest & Great Lakes mariners


Tel: 847/697-6491


31 N Alfred Ave

Elgin, IL  60123

Compass Adjusting:

  • GLC uses two methods: sun pelorus and gyrocompass.

  • Important to check your compass every 2-3 years.
  • Unadjusted compasses may have deviations as high as 20-30 degrees and are not to be trusted.
  • Electronic flux-gate compasses also need verification.  Self-adjusting features are unreliable in the north latitudes of Great Lakes and Midwest.
  • Adjustments must happen on the water and underway; requires a low seastate and sunshine.  Compass must be in good working order.

Sailmaking Palms:

  • custom made to your hand size
  • two versions: a) seaming,  b) roping
  • made from water buffalo rawhide
  • need your: a) glove size, b) hand circumference, c) hand outline
  • From Bob to Brion Toss Riggers: My design is based on a palm made for me in 1972 by Stan (last name long forgotten) at Ulmer Sails in Annapolis. I was working for Murphy&Nye Sailmakers and doing a lot of hand work; that was all there was. High pressure rings were still two years away, so I learned all the ole hand techniques from Master Sailmaker Allen MacKenzie. He had learned from his grandfather, John MacKenzie&Sons on the Clyde River in Scotland. And that custom palm blended exactly to the shape of my small hand. I retired that palm several years ago and took up the task of learning to make palms.  Use it...a lot and it will shape to your hand. One more story: there was one time (before I got the custom palm made for me) that I was using a really old beat up Smith&Sons palm. The iron hole was worn away exposing the iron. The needle slipped backwards off the iron and entered eye first into my forearm. Needle and thread were sticking out the wound hole. Allen suggested a tetanus shot and a custom made palm. Done. 'course he also suggested I pee on my hands to toughen 'em. I still wonder 'bout that one.